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September, 2011 show

Peggy will be showing at the SquidFoo art Gallery in Springfield, MO for the month of September, beginning with the First Friday Art Walk on September 2nd.  The theme for the show is “Robot Revolution” and while Peggy was intended to be a mannequin, she is an animated mannequin, which would then make her something like a robot, right?



My Dad didn’t like telling people what his paintings meant, he just wanted them to figure it out on their own, which for me is often impossible.  But I think I get the drift with the mannequins.  His first painting of a mannequin was called “Portrait of Jane Doe Representing the Oppressed Majority Called Womanhood” (click the title to see a photo of it. I don’t have access to that painting). I think he carries that theme on with all of the mannequins.  In other words Peggy is a woman who follows what society tells her to do, no matter how oppressing.  We are programmed to do what “girls should do”…etc, etc. He could have explained it so much better than I can.  So my point is, she’s like a robot, kindof.

The only expert on the meanings of Jerry’s art was himself, so my interpretation is by no means correct.  If you have an opinion, please feel free to write it in the comments.


Link to SquidFoo Art Gallery: