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Summer 2013 Display at the Springfield/Branson National Airport

Alone 36"x48"

Alone 36″x48″

I am delighted to announce that nine of Jerrold’s paintings will be on display in the Terminal of the Springfield/Branson National Airport beginning today and staying through the end of August.

The Secret won’t join the display until July, mainly because it is so long I couldn’t get it in my car. (Imagine me struggling in the rain at 6:30 this morning, trying to fit a 60 inch long painting into a 58 inch long back seat.) We decided that when another artist takes his paintings down in July, we will replace one of them with The Secret. At that time I will have to find a truck.

I will certainly miss them being on my walls, but hopefully this will get a lot of exposure for his work.

I won’t be selling any originals, but I will sell giclee prints to anyone who wants them. Anyone who sees the art in the airport and wants a print will have to contact the Springfield Regional Arts Council to arrange that. I use a local printmaker who does excellent work. His name is Josh Mitchell.

Stop by the terminal to have a look if you’re in the area!



Pike Creek 18"x24"

Pike Creek 18″x24″

Sunset at Carton's Point, Massena, NY 20"x22"

Sunset at Carton’s Point, Massena, NY 20″x22″

Aleksei 2004 36"x36"

Aleksei 2004 36″x36″

Jessica 37"x 48"

Jessica 37″x 48″

Isabelle 18"x 24"

Isabelle 18″x 24″

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not 26"x 37"

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not 26″x 37″

Keila 36"x 36"

Keila 36″x 36″

The Secret 30"x 60"

The Secret 30″x 60″



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