Massage Therapy and Reflexology Art

In the late 90’s my dad decided he wanted to try to get into massage therapy.  After working all day as an Art Therapist, he went to night school in Kansas City for massage. When he completed that he went more in-depth to become a neuro-muscular therapist. He created these paintings for reference, which hung in his massage office. Eventually he realized that he was too old to be doing two jobs, and wasn’t willing to quit his day-job for massage.  He gave the paintings to a cousin who was also doing massage therapy, and she recently returned them to me.

They have been professionally scanned and are ready to be made into high-quality prints on paper or canvas. If you’re interested, please email me at

New Page: Sculpture

"Liberty at the Hand of Oppression" is a life size carving from wood.

“Liberty at the Hand of Oppression” is a life size carving from wood.

It’s been almost a year since I’ve made a post here, so I thought I’d start adding some new content.  I decided to add some photos of Jerrold’s sculptures, and quickly realized how stinkin’ many there are, and how few decent photos I have of them.

I added a new page at the top of this site, called “Sculpture”, and I will be adding more to it later. Most of the photos came from slides that I found in a box. Some of the slides are pretty dirty, and I don’t have the slide to jpg converter near me right now to upload better photos with. So, I’ll work on that.

None of the sculptures are for sale. Most of them are either sold, given away, lost, stolen, broken, or otherwise unavailable.

Here is the link to the new page:

Happy Viewing!


Happy 66th Birthday, Jerrold!


Summer 2013 Display at the Springfield/Branson National Airport

Alone 36"x48"

Alone 36″x48″

I am delighted to announce that nine of Jerrold’s paintings will be on display in the Terminal of the Springfield/Branson National Airport beginning today and staying through the end of August.

The Secret won’t join the display until July, mainly because it is so long I couldn’t get it in my car. (Imagine me struggling in the rain at 6:30 this morning, trying to fit a 60 inch long painting into a 58 inch long back seat.) We decided that when another artist takes his paintings down in July, we will replace one of them with The Secret. At that time I will have to find a truck.

I will certainly miss them being on my walls, but hopefully this will get a lot of exposure for his work.

I won’t be selling any originals, but I will sell giclee prints to anyone who wants them. Anyone who sees the art in the airport and wants a print will have to contact the Springfield Regional Arts Council to arrange that. I use a local printmaker who does excellent work. His name is Josh Mitchell.

Stop by the terminal to have a look if you’re in the area!



Pike Creek 18"x24"

Pike Creek 18″x24″

Sunset at Carton's Point, Massena, NY 20"x22"

Sunset at Carton’s Point, Massena, NY 20″x22″

Aleksei 2004 36"x36"

Aleksei 2004 36″x36″

Jessica 37"x 48"

Jessica 37″x 48″

Isabelle 18"x 24"

Isabelle 18″x 24″

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not 26"x 37"

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not 26″x 37″

Keila 36"x 36"

Keila 36″x 36″

The Secret 30"x 60"

The Secret 30″x 60″

February, 2013 Show

For the month of February, I will be entering some of my Dad’s art for sale at the Lemondrop Gallery in Springfield, Missouri. Their show, called “Bodies” is only showing nudes, which is perfect for us, since we have plenty of it.

Lemondrop website:

We will be entering the oil painting “Cathleen”, as well as a never-before-seen on my site sculpture, also called “Cathleen”. I’m also considering entering “Fruits of Eden”, and “Short haired nude” (which really isn’t as faded as the photo makes it seem).


Fruits of Eden 16"x 20"

Fruits of Eden 16″x 20″

IMG_6816Short Haired Nude bust

This song brings me back to the art studio…


Duck Tales and Jackal Taming Hints

Please bear with me and my poor quality scanner.

 Some family members will remember, but few others know, that Jerry once illustrated a book.  It’s called “Duck Tales and Jackal Taming Hints”, by Marshall B. Rosenberg.  Apparently, Mr. Rosenberg has become quite famous in the Non-Violent communication world, publishing many books, but this one seems to be one of his less popular for some reason.  Maybe because it’s more like a booklet, and it’s described as a “whimsical tale” rather than one of his more informative books. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I remember my Dad telling me that he had been hired to illustrate the book.  I was only about seven years old.  He was excited about it, as he always was about being able to show his work.  After all, in 1985, living in Marshall, Missouri, there weren’t many places within reach to show artwork.  I saw the original drawings before they were published, and as with every new piece of artwork, he asked me what I thought about it. I was often embarrassed by the nudity in most of his work, I didn’t understand it, and his was the only art I was exposed to.  So, I usually answered with indifference.  What’s a kid supposed to say about a naked lady? And it was his, so of course it was good.  However, now I find myself wishing I had given him more praise for his work, because he obviously craved it. 

I am not selling this book, but if you would like one, the Center for Non-Violent Communication is selling them for $6.95 here:

The cover, however, is not Jerry’s work.