Duck Tales and Jackal Taming Hints

Please bear with me and my poor quality scanner.

 Some family members will remember, but few others know, that Jerry once illustrated a book.  It’s called “Duck Tales and Jackal Taming Hints”, by Marshall B. Rosenberg.  Apparently, Mr. Rosenberg has become quite famous in the Non-Violent communication world, publishing many books, but this one seems to be one of his less popular for some reason.  Maybe because it’s more like a booklet, and it’s described as a “whimsical tale” rather than one of his more informative books. 

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I remember my Dad telling me that he had been hired to illustrate the book.  I was only about seven years old.  He was excited about it, as he always was about being able to show his work.  After all, in 1985, living in Marshall, Missouri, there weren’t many places within reach to show artwork.  I saw the original drawings before they were published, and as with every new piece of artwork, he asked me what I thought about it. I was often embarrassed by the nudity in most of his work, I didn’t understand it, and his was the only art I was exposed to.  So, I usually answered with indifference.  What’s a kid supposed to say about a naked lady? And it was his, so of course it was good.  However, now I find myself wishing I had given him more praise for his work, because he obviously craved it. 

I am not selling this book, but if you would like one, the Center for Non-Violent Communication is selling them for $6.95 here:

The cover, however, is not Jerry’s work.

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