Linocut Prints?

The Bather

This week I have added a new page to the site showing my Dad’s “Linocut” Prints.  They are ink prints made from carvings in linoleum mounted on a wood block. While we have prints that he made as well as some original carvings, the photos on the page actually came from slides that he made in about 1982.  Some of the photos have spots for that reason.  The spots are not on the actual prints.  Rather than getting professional photos of them yet, I enjoyed working with the photos that he took, straightening, cropping, and brightening them.

Another change to the site is I’ve created a page listing all of the originals that are for sale with their prices.  The link to it is in the sidebar to the right.  The Pricing page, which lists prices for giclee prints of different sizes is also now in the sidebar.

I also reduced the prices for giclee prints in hopes that I’d actually sell something.  If you were considering buying a print, check out the new prices and see if it’s more in your budget.

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