New stuff

I’ve added a few things to the site this week. 

Most of the paintings now have their sizes listed in their title.  The remaining ones without sizes listed will have to wait two weeks until I can get to them to measure them. 

I’ve also created a “Pricing” page which lists the prices of prints of specific sizes on either canvas or paper.  It doesn’t include all of the sizes possible for all of the paintings because some paintings are odd sizes and will have to be figured later.  But the page will make it easier to get a basic idea of the cost of sizes close to what I’ve listed.

I also ordered business cards this week…just before I realized I put the accent mark on the wrong “e” in Giclée!  Oh well, I guess that can be explained to whomever I give the card to.

To the right of this page in the sidebar you can see a new link called “What is a Giclee Print?”.  It links to another site which gives a good explaination of what it is, how it’s done, and why it’s better.

Eventually, I will put up photos of his linoleum carving prints.  They’re not quite ready yet.

I also have a few other paintings that haven’t been up on the site and I’d like to know if you think anyone would like to see them.

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