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Some originals are available. Please see this page to find them and their prices:

I will be adding more photos to the site as they become available.

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Happy 66th Birthday, Jerrold!


Summer 2013 Display at the Springfield/Branson National Airport

Alone 36"x48"

Alone 36″x48″

I am delighted to announce that nine of Jerrold’s paintings will be on display in the Terminal of the Springfield/Branson National Airport beginning today and staying through the end of August.

The Secret won’t join the display until July, mainly because it is so long I couldn’t get it in my car. (Imagine me struggling in the rain at 6:30 this morning, trying to fit a 60 inch long painting into a 58 inch long back seat.) We decided that when another artist takes his paintings down in July, we will replace one of them with The Secret. At that time I will have to find a truck.

I will certainly miss them being on my walls, but hopefully this will get a lot of exposure for his work.

I won’t be selling any originals, but I will sell giclee prints to anyone who wants them. Anyone who sees the art in the airport and wants a print will have to contact the Springfield Regional Arts Council to arrange that. I use a local printmaker who does excellent work. His name is Josh Mitchell.

Stop by the terminal to have a look if you’re in the area!



Pike Creek 18"x24"

Pike Creek 18″x24″

Sunset at Carton's Point, Massena, NY 20"x22"

Sunset at Carton’s Point, Massena, NY 20″x22″

Aleksei 2004 36"x36"

Aleksei 2004 36″x36″

Jessica 37"x 48"

Jessica 37″x 48″

Isabelle 18"x 24"

Isabelle 18″x 24″

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not 26"x 37"

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not 26″x 37″

Keila 36"x 36"

Keila 36″x 36″

The Secret 30"x 60"

The Secret 30″x 60″

February, 2013 Show

For the month of February, I will be entering some of my Dad’s art for sale at the Lemondrop Gallery in Springfield, Missouri. Their show, called “Bodies” is only showing nudes, which is perfect for us, since we have plenty of it.

Lemondrop website:

We will be entering the oil painting “Cathleen”, as well as a never-before-seen on my site sculpture, also called “Cathleen”. I’m also considering entering “Fruits of Eden”, and “Short haired nude” (which really isn’t as faded as the photo makes it seem).


Fruits of Eden 16"x 20"

Fruits of Eden 16″x 20″

IMG_6816Short Haired Nude bust


Reminder to my sister: Do not read this at work.

I had a dream about my Dad last night. I used to have them a lot more often, when the stress was on my mind all of the time, like when we were dealing with his estate. Lately, I think he is there, but I remember fewer of them when I wake. This one came coincidentally around the 4 year mark of finding out he had lymphoma. Maybe my subconscious mind purposely planted it in this date, however, I don’t consciously remember the date he told me. It was sometime between September and Halloween.

The dream, which I only remember bits of, was that he was “back”. I knew that I had told everyone he was dead, but there he was, sitting with me. So, I had either travelled back in time, or he had been brought back for me to save him. My saving him was the point. He still had cancer. We knew how this turned out last time; we knew that the road he was on would lead to death.

I don’t remember actually talking to him, but I was going over what I would say to him in my head. I wanted to ask him if he was willing to change everything he consumed, according to my specifications, and get more exercise, and quit smoking (for some reason I thought he still smoked in the dream, but he actually quit about 2 years before he died). And I didn’t think he would. I certainly couldn’t imagine him taking up yoga. And that’s when I woke up.

I thought about it again though, after I was awake, and realized that I do think he would have changed what he ate and drank, and he would have taken up walking, especially with the looming doom of death just months away. I think he would have tried anything to stay alive. He had quit smoking after all, and he had quit drinking many years before.

The amount of things I would have told him to change would have been huge, but it wouldn’t be harder than quitting smoking was for him.

I had actually planned to stay with him that summer after he got out of the hospital. I was going to leave school, leave my home, take my kids with me, and go take care of him for the summer, since his wife was away most of the time going to school to get her doctorate.  As we all know though, he never made it out of the hospital.

I just wonder if his wife would have been the disbeliever, would she have interfered with the food changes and restrictions?

If that were the case I hope he would have had the strength to have left her out of it, and took charge of his own health regardless of the disbelievers, which are many, including some doctors. And after all, it was the doctors and the hospital that killed him.

It was a doctor who told me I couldn’t just change something and fix my daughter’s allergy-like itchy skin, which he called “chronic idopathic urticaria”. “There’s no fixing this” he said. He told me she had to take large doses of antihistamines for the rest of her life. But those who follow me on know that I DID fix her, by just changing her food and the chemicals in her environment.

So, this was a dream that I know will not come true, but I wish every day that it would. I wish I could go back to 4 years ago, and know everything I know today, and just fix it. But I can’t. I just hope I can continue fixing other people the same way I fixed my daughter.


April 14th

Today is the third anniversary of my father’s death. Thinking of all the stresses that came along with it, it seems like a long time ago. But the memories of that day in the hospital are as clear and painful as if they were yesterday.
I remember the night my Dad called me to tell me he had cancer. I got home after being out for the evening and found a message on the answering machine. When I played it, I could tell by the somber tone of his voice that he was going to have some sad news when I returned his call. I assumed that it had been his aunt, my grandfather’s sister, since she had only a year difference in age from my grandfather, who died three years before. Who else could it be?
I called him back, at his brother’s house, which was unusual for me to call him there, and for him to be there so late, and I sat down in the back room, with the washer and dryer and water heater – the only place I can get any privacy. Then he told me that he found out he didn’t actually have Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever or Mononucleosis. He had lymphoma. I was in shock. And after I got off the phone with him, I just sat in that room for a long time, crying. It’s an unusual occurence when I can’t talk about something, and when my husband asked me what was wrong I couldn’t say anything. I only told him the next day through email.
I wish every day that things had been done differently. I wish I knew then what I know now. I truly don’t feel like it was his time to go.
His brother Jim says “Jerry’s passing has left a big void in my life. I think about him often and he surely is missed: Especially the laugh and so many of his comments. He left us way too soon.”
And his daughter Tara says “My life has changed so much in the past three years and I wish he had been there to comfort and help me.”
And he would have. He had advice for every situation.

If you have memories or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. I will have to approve them, but I’ll be checking in regularly.

This song brings me back to the art studio…


Duck Tales and Jackal Taming Hints

Please bear with me and my poor quality scanner.

 Some family members will remember, but few others know, that Jerry once illustrated a book.  It’s called “Duck Tales and Jackal Taming Hints”, by Marshall B. Rosenberg.  Apparently, Mr. Rosenberg has become quite famous in the Non-Violent communication world, publishing many books, but this one seems to be one of his less popular for some reason.  Maybe because it’s more like a booklet, and it’s described as a “whimsical tale” rather than one of his more informative books. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I remember my Dad telling me that he had been hired to illustrate the book.  I was only about seven years old.  He was excited about it, as he always was about being able to show his work.  After all, in 1985, living in Marshall, Missouri, there weren’t many places within reach to show artwork.  I saw the original drawings before they were published, and as with every new piece of artwork, he asked me what I thought about it. I was often embarrassed by the nudity in most of his work, I didn’t understand it, and his was the only art I was exposed to.  So, I usually answered with indifference.  What’s a kid supposed to say about a naked lady? And it was his, so of course it was good.  However, now I find myself wishing I had given him more praise for his work, because he obviously craved it. 

I am not selling this book, but if you would like one, the Center for Non-Violent Communication is selling them for $6.95 here:

The cover, however, is not Jerry’s work.

Linocut Prints?

The Bather

This week I have added a new page to the site showing my Dad’s “Linocut” Prints.  They are ink prints made from carvings in linoleum mounted on a wood block. While we have prints that he made as well as some original carvings, the photos on the page actually came from slides that he made in about 1982.  Some of the photos have spots for that reason.  The spots are not on the actual prints.  Rather than getting professional photos of them yet, I enjoyed working with the photos that he took, straightening, cropping, and brightening them.

Another change to the site is I’ve created a page listing all of the originals that are for sale with their prices.  The link to it is in the sidebar to the right.  The Pricing page, which lists prices for giclee prints of different sizes is also now in the sidebar.

I also reduced the prices for giclee prints in hopes that I’d actually sell something.  If you were considering buying a print, check out the new prices and see if it’s more in your budget.

September, 2011 show

Peggy will be showing at the SquidFoo art Gallery in Springfield, MO for the month of September, beginning with the First Friday Art Walk on September 2nd.  The theme for the show is “Robot Revolution” and while Peggy was intended to be a mannequin, she is an animated mannequin, which would then make her something like a robot, right?



My Dad didn’t like telling people what his paintings meant, he just wanted them to figure it out on their own, which for me is often impossible.  But I think I get the drift with the mannequins.  His first painting of a mannequin was called “Portrait of Jane Doe Representing the Oppressed Majority Called Womanhood” (click the title to see a photo of it. I don’t have access to that painting). I think he carries that theme on with all of the mannequins.  In other words Peggy is a woman who follows what society tells her to do, no matter how oppressing.  We are programmed to do what “girls should do”…etc, etc. He could have explained it so much better than I can.  So my point is, she’s like a robot, kindof.

The only expert on the meanings of Jerry’s art was himself, so my interpretation is by no means correct.  If you have an opinion, please feel free to write it in the comments.


Link to SquidFoo Art Gallery:

New stuff

I’ve added a few things to the site this week. 

Most of the paintings now have their sizes listed in their title.  The remaining ones without sizes listed will have to wait two weeks until I can get to them to measure them. 

I’ve also created a “Pricing” page which lists the prices of prints of specific sizes on either canvas or paper.  It doesn’t include all of the sizes possible for all of the paintings because some paintings are odd sizes and will have to be figured later.  But the page will make it easier to get a basic idea of the cost of sizes close to what I’ve listed.

I also ordered business cards this week…just before I realized I put the accent mark on the wrong “e” in Giclée!  Oh well, I guess that can be explained to whomever I give the card to.

To the right of this page in the sidebar you can see a new link called “What is a Giclee Print?”.  It links to another site which gives a good explaination of what it is, how it’s done, and why it’s better.

Eventually, I will put up photos of his linoleum carving prints.  They’re not quite ready yet.

I also have a few other paintings that haven’t been up on the site and I’d like to know if you think anyone would like to see them.


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